Greek Solution leader Velopoulos calls for parliamentary review of Prespes Agreement

The greatest issue Greece faces is the demographic issue, Greek Solution leader Kyriakos Velopoulos said on Monday night in parliament during the closing remarks of a three-day debate on the government’s policy platform.

“Greece is dying, Greeks are dying. There are no Greeks being born. We don’t support the Greek family any more. If there is no plan to support it, then we can copy European models,” Velopoulos said. Without enough population “there is no insurance system, no insurance contributions.”

In addition, he condemned “the hasty resolution of the Skopje issue” which he said the previous government of SYRIZA rushed to sign. The Prespes Agreement should be examined by parliament, he noted, accusing the ruling New Democracy of not keeping its word and abolishing it.

Among other things he called for the abolition of NGOs, life sentences for human traffickers, drug lords and paederasts, and a stop to bonuses “given to illegal migrants.” Afghanis and Pakistanis “cannot be considered refugees,” he said.

Referring to the Hellinikon project and plans to build a casino there, he said “investing does not mean creating casinos. Investing means supporting the Greek businessman who loves Greece.”