Greek Start-Up opens window to China’s tourism market

The newly established platform Toorbee will increase the number of Chinese tourists to Greece, its managing director Giorgos Papachristos said in statements to the Athens Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

The platform aspires to bridge the gap of small and medium-sized businesses and promote them to the Chinese market. It is the first Greek Start-Up to provide specialized B2B services in the tourism sector, underlined Papachristos adding that it aspires to constitute the bridge between China’s major online travel agents and small and medium-sized tour operators in Europe, including Greece.

The company with growth rates of over 50% offers audio visual solutions to the platform members in order to communicate their services in the best possible way. As Papachristos noted, the Chinese market is particularly demanding and has nothing to do with the traditional ones. For example, a Chinese cannot understand how a traditional Greek food is being prepared at a Greek destination, so the audiovisual material is necessary to make this service understable, he added.

The travel expenses of a Chinese tourist exceed 1,000 euros per day

The Greek Start-up is on second round of funding, and has already made significant partnerships with travel agents in China.