Greek state arrears marginally lower by 9.0 mln euros in June

The Greek state’s arrears to the private sector were marginally lower by 9.0 million euros in June 2019, dropping to 1.686 billion euros from 1.695 billion euros in May, the finance ministry announced on Friday.

The highest arrears are owed by state insurance funds (594 million euros, down from 602 million euros in May) and hospitals (546 million euros, up from 531 million euros in May).

Overdue debts owed by the state insurance healthcare provider EOPYY rose to 200 million euros (from 196 million euros in May), while the debts of other state insurance funds reached 393 million euros (down from 406 million euros in May).

The finance ministry clarified that the arrears figures for EOPYY include demands from clawback that have not yet been calculated, while the second include demands from rebate and clawback that have not been calculated.

Arrears owed by public-sector legal entities dropped to 269 million euros, from 272 million euros in May, while local authority arrears dropped to 213 million euros from 226 million euros in May.

Outstanding tax rebates in June rose to 493 million euros from 487 million euros in May.