Greek state arrears to private sector down in Apri

Greek general government’s arrears to the private sector eased to 3.907 billion euros in April from 3.955 billion in March, while pending tax returns fell to 1.050 billion euros from 1.120 billion over the same periods, respectively, the Finance ministry said on Tuesday.

A ministry report said that the Greek budget disbursed 168.5 million euros to state agencies to repay arrears to the private sector in the January-April period and noted that arrears repaid totaled 243.8 million euros. Tax returns totaled 75.2 million euros in the four-month period and retirement payment totaled 42.1 million euros in April.

Government ministries’ arrears to the private sector rose to 239.4 million euros in April from 197.8 million in March, local authorities’ arrears eased to 354.2 million euros from 363.9 million and state hospitals’ arrears fell to 599.9 million euros from 617.9 million.