Greek state bond yields continue rising in the last few days

Greek state bond yields returned to March levels after a rally in the domestic electronic secondary bond market in the last few days.

The yield of the 10-year benchmark bond was 4.48 pct on Friday, from 4.04 pct which was the average yield in April. The five-year bond yield was 3.55 pct and the seven-year bond yield was 4.06 pct (3.67 pct on average in April).

Bond yields are rising steadily since February, after Greece launched a new seven-year bond. Before that issue, the yield of the 10-year benchmark bond was 3.7 pct. The pressure on Greek bonds is partly related with a negative climate prevailing in Europe ahead of the formation of a new government in Italy.

German Bund yields fell to 0.62 pct, with the yield spread between the 10-year Greek and German bonds rising to 3.86 pct from 3.1 pct in January.