Greek state budget showed 1.883 billion euros primary surplus in January

The Greek state budget showed a primary surplus of 1.883 billion euros in January 2018, up from a surplus of 1.019 billion euros in January 2017 and a budget target for a surplus of 722 million.

The finance ministry, in a report on provisional budget execution figures, on an amended cash basis, said that the state budget showed a surplus of 1.609 billion euros in January, from a surplus of 839 million euros in January last year and budget target for a monthly surplus of 503 million euros.

Net revenue was 4.784 billion euros, up 22.9 pct from targets, while regular budget net revenue was 4.180 billion euros, up 10.4 pct from targets.

Tax returns totaled 328 million euros in January, down 6.0 million euros from monthly targets. Public Investment Programme revenue was 604 million euros, up 498 million euros from monthly targets.

Budget spending was 3.176 billion euros in January, down 215 million euros from monthly targets, while regular budget spending was 3.092 billion euros, down 123 million euros from targets and down 206 million euros from January 2017. Public Investment Programme spending was 83 million euros, down 92 million euros from targets.