Greek state recovers 4.3 million euros given as kickbacks for military contracts

The Greek state has received the sum of 4.3 million euros – representing kickbacks given in exchange for military procurements contracts – from businessman Giorgos Kamaris in exchange for favourable penal treatment, Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis revealed on Friday.

Kamaris has been indicted over his involvement in various cases of bribery relating to defence contracts and has already stood trial for some of these cases, while he earlier returned the sum of 7.5 million euros in 2014.

In an announcement, Kontonis said that 4,313,675 euros “originating from the crime of passive bribery at the expense of the Greek state in armaments cases” was transferred to a special bank account at the Bank of Greece in January 2017. The account, with the Greek State as beneficiary, was first opened in January 2014 specifically for the purpose of receiving sums originating from criminal actions at the expense of the public sector. Among the first sums paid into the account was the 7.5 million euros given by Kamaris.

Kamaris was the representative of a firm named Clavis that was linked to Yiannis Sbokos, the convicted associate of former minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos, who was himself jailed for taking kickbacks and bribes in exchange for military contracts while defence minister.