Greek tourism continued growing in July, Insete report

Greek tourism continued growing in July, the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) said in a report released on Friday.

International passenger arrivals in the country’s main airports grew 9.8 pct in July compared with the same month last year, for an increase of 15.1 pct so far this year. International arrivals in Athens grew 18.1 pct, while arrivals in regional airports rose 7.8 pct in July, while so far this year, arrivals in Athens were up 21.8 pct and in regional airports 12.8 pct higher. International road arrivals fell by 2.1 pct in July, but remained 1.5 pct up in 2018. Among domestic destinations, the Cyclades islands recorded a 12.7 pct increase in arrivals, followed by the Ionian Sea (13.5 pct) and the Dodecanese islands (2.0 pct). Crete recorded a 6.3 pct decline in July.

Greek hotel prices continued growing but remained at competitive levels compared with other countries despite higher tax burdens, Insete said, with the exception of Mykonos and Santorini. Italy, UK and Germany were the top three main markets of tourism in July. Travel receipts grew 18.9 pct in the first half of 2018 to 4.848 billion euros, Insete said.