Greek unemployment rate to fall below 20 pct in 2018, OAED head says

The Greek unemployment rate will fall below 20 pct of the workforce this year, Maria Karamesini, president and governor of OAED (Workforce Employment Organisation) said on Tuesday.

Speaking to “Sto Kokkino” radio station, Karamesini said: “Unemployment will definitely fall below 20 pct. The issue is whether it will fall to around 18 pct, which is the target.” Another goal was the improvement of job position quality, she added.

Commenting on recent data showing a significant increase in employment in the manufacturing sector, Karamesini said: “At this point we must see the issue of reducing unemployment with rising job positions and improving their quality, combined. We are facing a more complex reality. But, we can now set goals that are more ambitious compared with the past.”