Greek wine industry needs specialized professionals

Greece’s wine industry needs to recruit specialized professionals, Angelos Iatridis, winemaker and co-owner of Domaine Alpha Amyntaio Florina told ANA. “There is a great shortage of qualified personnel and the limited number of people who are out threre, have been trained abroad,” he added.

“The developing -quantitative but mainly qualitative- wine sector in Greece, needs to find highly educated skilled professionals,” says Mr. Iatridis, “who will transfer their knowledge on exports and the promotion of wine, to those who will attend the training course by the Economic University of Athens on “Entrepreneurship in winemaking.”

Referring to the importance of the program, where experienced University teachers, as well as top executives and entrepreneurs from the winemaking community, will provide their expertise in the field of Wine Business, Mr. Iatridis observes: “The specialized expertise of people in the wine industry, credited on its work and especially its results, it is necessary to be diffuse to the new generation so as to form a high-level professional basis within universities. It is necessary because global competition demands that a company in the wine industry to adapt to a constantly changing environment. ”

For the situation in the export business sector, Mr. Iatridis highlights the remarkable increase exports observed in the “most competitive market in the world, that of North America.”

“In particular in the US market, there is a significant rise in exports in value (8,226,408 euros/2014 – 10,503,671 euros/2015) by 27.68%, while notable is the increase in export volumes by 16.22% (1,909,945 lt/2014 – 2,219,653 lt/2015)», he said.