Greek women have fewer children than European Union average, Eurostat reports

Greek women have fewer children than the average for the European Union, and at a greater age, according to figures for the year 2016 released by Eurostat on Wednesday. With an average of 1.38 children each, which they have at the age of 30.3 years old, Greek women are below the EU average fertility rate of 1.6 children, acquired at age 29.

It is not, however, the lowest birth rate in the EU, with even lower rates reported for Spain and Italy (1.34 births per woman), Portugal (1.36 births per woman), Cyprus and Malta (1.37 births per woman). The EU’s highest fertility rates are in France (1.92), Sweden (1.85) and Ireland (1.81) while the youngest mothers are in Bulgaria, Romania and Latvia.

Greece ranks lower than the EU average for the percentage of women that become mothers before age 20 (3.7 pct against 5 pct for the EU) but above average for women that give birth when over 40 (5.3 pct against 3.2 pct in the EU).