Greeks abroad given registration extension to vote at Europarliament elections

Greeks living in other EU member-states, or who will be in another EU member-state at the time elections are held, on Friday were given an extension to April 5 to register to vote near their place of residence in the upcoming European elections.

The application is submitted on the website of the Interior Ministry ( and is completed either by the person concerned or by the relevant diplomatic authority.

The address (city, street, number, PO, phone, e-mail) are written in Latin characters while voters have to state the city where they wish to vote. The application is printed in triplicate through the system. The voter shall present in person or by proxy or post, the three copies of the application together with a photocopy of their ID or the last page of their passport (or the passport page in which the holder ‘s details are registered) to the relevant ambassador or consular post.