Greeks will put an end to populism and misery in 2018, says ND’s Lazaridis

SYRIZA-Independent Greeks government has devastated the country, said New Democracy’s (ND) Makarios Lazaridis in an interview with Thessaloniki newspaper on Sunday.

Main opposition leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ responsible for communication Lazaridis added “The Greeks owe over 100 bln euros to their own state and at the same time the government is celebrating over the primary surplus and chooses to give tips instead of jobs to the citizens”.

He clarified that his party has totally different plans “We do not accept the equation downwards, the impoverishment of the Greek people. Our vision is to make Greece productive, prosperous and free in a world that is changing rapidly and the challenges demand focused and long-lasting policies”.

Lazaridis also estimated that general elections will be held in 2018. “It will be a year that the Greeks will be called take their future in their hands. To put an end to populism, division and misery and to turn their eyes to the future”, he underlined.