Gregor Gysi: Germany has destroyed the solidarity in all the European Union

Germany has put an end to its solidarity to Greece and has destroyed the solidarity in all the European Union” stated Gregor Gysi, former president of the parliamentary group Die Linke to Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Saturday.

Gysi who is visiting Greece on the occasion of SYRIZA party Congress speaks of a very determined and vivid congress despite the very difficult period for the government that is being blackmailed to implement a series of measures
which does not want.

Referring to the meeting of the northern European country leaders that was held in Athens at a Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ initiative he said “it is very important that they met to discuss their opposition to the austerity policy, it is very important for some European countries to form the so-called veto minority”.

Asked if he believes that a red-green government in Germany can be formed after the general elections in 2017 he said that he is in favour but “I am not optimistic for the time being…but it is historically necessary” he said.