Group of 56 artists, writers expresses support for Culture Minister Mendoni

An open letter signed by 56 writers, artists and other people of the culture sector was published on Wednesday, commenting on the recent revelations through Greece’s own #metoo movement and expressing support for Culture Minister Lina Mendoni. The letter reads as follows:

“The latest developments in the theatre scene but which also concern all society must become a reason to reflect and not a cause of division. The violence of power against those that are weaker – and especially against children – has no political colour. It is a knife that wounds all society equally and must be dealt with as such.

“The times are crucial. It is not worth losing the forest – which is the cleansing that must come – and to focus on the management of optics. We can all of us either agree or disagree with the policies of Minister Lina Mendoni. No one, however, can doubt her academic erudition, the decades that she has served culture, her work and personal morality.
“At this time, it is of crucial importance to let justice do its work and at the same time for the people of culture to work together for a new legal protection against such sordid phenomena. We hope that the current opportunity of #metoo converts the ordeal into a true rebirth.”