Growth strategy a roadmap for Greece’s productive reconstruction in the post-memorandum era, Charitsis says

The government will present the Growth Strategy in the following days. It is the roadmap on which will be based the effort for productive reconstruction and restoration of the economy in Greece’s post-memorandum era.

Alternate Economy Minister Alexis Charitsis in an interview with the Saturday edition of Efimerida ton Synakton stated “In the following months Greece will turn page. It finally closes the circle of the memoranda and the strict surveillance and returns to normality by retrieving its prestige and its international credibility. We must now lay the foundations for a sustainable and fair growth in order the country never again experience a crisis like the one of the previous years.

The Growth Strategy targets at the change of the production model that bankrupt the country; a production model which was based on lending and consumption and led to the dramatic shrinking of the industrial and agriculture sector as well as to extreme social inequalities.

The growth strategy that will be presented in the following days is a roadmap on which will be based the effort for the country’s productive reconstruction and restoration of the economy.

For the first time, the country has a holistic growth plan with specific and costed proposals formed through an open dialogue with the productive and local agencies and the civil society. The plan will be enriched and further elaborated in order to become an action programme for the re-foundation of the economy, the consolidation of the social justice and the shielding of the democracy.

According to the newspaper, the holistic growth programme includes over 240 reforms in the five-year period 2018-2022, among them the permanent mechanism of objective values that will be implemented in the second half of 2019, the simplification of the tax law and the wealth registry.