Hair and nail salons, archaeological sites and parks reopen

Hairdressing salons reopened on Monday, as part of a series of measures announced by the government on Friday that included free Covid-19 rapid tests, the reopening of parks and archaeological sites, the resumption of amateur fishing and changes in curfew.

The measures relaxing outdoor restrictions are expected to restrict the spread of infections at home parties while maintaining the basic regulations of masks and social distance.

The changes, and the dates of implementation supplied for some, were detailed at the same briefing by Deputy Civil Protection Minister for crisis management:

– Curfew will begin at 21:00, remain the same throughout the week, and end at 00.50 the next morning (as of Saturday, March 20)
– Hair and nail salons will reopen on Monday (March 22)
– Open-air archaeological sites will reopen, with restrictions and a ban on cars and motorcycles
– Public parks will reopen, with restrictions and a ban on cars and motorcycles
– Greek Orthodox cathedrals may reopen with restrictions ahead of Easter on three major religious days this month: March 21, March 25 and March 26
– Amateur fishing is allowed only for residents of coastal areas

In all of the above, mask wearing and social distancing is obligatory. For those going to public parks, sites, and fishing, the SMS (text message) code is 6.