Hans-Joachim Fuchtel: The refugee crisis is a European crisis, it concerns Europe and not only Greece

“The refugee crisis is a European crisis. It concerns Europe and not only Greece and on this specific issue there is huge understanding in Germany,” deputy minister of Economic Cooperation and Development and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s personal envoy in the Greek-German assembly Hans-Joachim Fuchtel said to Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

“The Greek-German assembly opened a new way in Europe. The close cooperation between Greek and German municipalities, communities and regions were fruitful for both sides,” noted Fuchtel and underlined that the Greek-German Assembly meeting that opens on Thursday in the city of Nafplio “is a network which is dynamically developing. This indicates that the approach is bearing fruit and is being established. Our collective work is convincing. During my last visit to Greece I met with government vice president Yiannis Dragasakis and with other ministers. They all showed interest in the cooperation with the Greek German Assembly. In local governance it refers to specific exchange of experiences, not very much on politics, and for this reason the interest in the assembly is increasing,” said Fuchtel.

The 6th annual meeting of the Greek-German Assembly “Nafplio 2016: Local administration united with the eye to Europe’s future” is according to the German minister “a very important event for all those involved in the local administration. The title proves that our cooperations at local governance is closely linked with the European vision. We are moving within the European lab, we exchange practices and we commonly develop new solutions. Come to Nafplio to see by yourselves how we work, how we discuss and how friendly is the atmosphere”, said Fuchtel.