Hardalias at Elefsina visit: ‘Crucial we remain a step ahead of the pandemic’

Deputy Civil Protection Minister for Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias paid a visit on Sunday to western suburbs of Attica where a lockdown went into effect on Friday over a rise in coronavirus cases lately.

Hardalias was accompanied by National Public Health Organization (EODY) Panagiotis Arkoumaneas, and both officials observed rapid test application use on residents of Elefsina.

Besides Elefsina, strict circulation measures including an early curfew were imposed on Aspropyrgos and Mandra-Idilia, all of whom had a high hospital admission rate. Hardalias and Arkoumaneas were briefed over the phone about developments of the restrictions in these areas by the district director.

Hardalias called the pandemic “a national issue,” and said that “all criticism must be founded on real results – we are not operating on the basis of our instinct, we are working on the basis of real data we have.” He said that there are technical meetings twice a day, “specific information systems and algorithms that show us things… There are red flags and, based on these, we move on to quantitative analyses for the entire country.”

Asked to comment on what is happening in the western Attica cities following the first three days of a week-long lockdown, Hardalias said that “all targeted testing carried out so far and our initiatives show the dispersal is not widespread. Data was very specific, and as I’ve explained, the reasons we took action and imposed a lockdown in the area are specific. It’s crucial that we remain a step ahead of the pandemic.”