HATTA: Tourist arrivals and revenues on a positive course

“We are not surprised by the increase in tourist revenues,” the president of the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Tourist and Travel Agencies (FedHATTA) Lyssandros Tsilidis said in statements to the Athens Macedonian News Agency following the figures pulished by the Bank of Greece.

However, Tsilidis said that the method used is not correct as it does not reflect the real situation.
Based on provisional data, the balance of travel services in April 2017 showed a surplus of 247 million euros, compared with a surplus of 263 million euros in April 2016, the Bank of Greece said.

More specifically, travel receipts rose by 11.3% to 484 million euros in April 2017, from 435 million euros in the same month of 2016. Travel payments also increased, by 38.1% (April 2017: 237 million euros, April 2016: 171 million euros). The rise in travel receipts was due to a 12.0% increase in inbound traveller flows, as average expenditure per trip fell slightly, by 0.4%. Net receipts from travel services offset 20.9% of the goods deficit and accounted for 40.0% of total net receipts from services.

In April 2017, as mentioned previously, travel receipts rose by 11.3% year-on-year. In more detail, receipts from residents of the EU28 increased by 24.2% to 277 million euros, whereas receipts from outside the EU28 dropped by 3.6% (April 2017: 180 million euros, April 2016: 186 million euros). The rise in receipts from within the EU28 was due to a 54.9% increase in receipts from euro area residents (April 2017: 207 million euros, April 2016: 134 million euros), as receipts from residents of non-euro area EU28 countries fell by 22.0%.