Hatzidakis: National Plan for Energy and Climate to lead to investment boom in Greece

A new National Plan for Energy and Climate is an integrated green development plan, with multiple benefits in several sectors, beyond energy, offering the opportunity for an investment boom, in parallel with protecting the environment, Kostis Hatzidakis, Environment and Energy Minister, said on Monday.

Addressing a seminar on “National Plan for Energy and Climate – Goals and Challenges for 2030 and 2050”, held at the Bank of Greece’s premises, Hatzidakis stressed that implemention of this programme, unveiled for public consultation on Monday, demanded a wider alliance of environmental groups, the investment community, citizens and students. The goals of the new plan are more ambitious compared with the ones presented in January and in some cases exceed the targets set by the European Union,

Hatzidakis said, adding that the plan will help Greece to be at the forefront of combatting climate change. The plan, among others, envisages investments worth 43.8 billion euros in renewable sources, natural gas and electricity transport and distribution networks, financial incentives for the purchase of electric cars and energy saving by 2030.