HCAP participates in a consortium of leading partners for the establishment of the “Digital Innovation Hub” of the Attica Region

The Hellenic Corporation of Assets and Participations (HCAP), following on its initiative to establish the Innovation Network of its subsidiaries, announces its participation in a consortium of leading partners coming from the research and academic community, the private and public sector and the local authorities for the establishment of a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) in the Attica Region. Following on best practices internationally, the Digital Innovation Hub aims to implement advanced digital solutions for the modernization of businesses and the public sector, in an energy efficient way and in line with the Industry 4.0 principles. HCAP’s aim is to strengthen its activities for the promotion of value-added services, the enhancement of the use of digital technologies by consumers and as well as the connection of innovation with modern entrepreneurship.

In addition to the development of basic digital infrastructure (e.g. for harvesting of business data) or automation solutions, the Digital Innovation Hub presents unique opportunities for the state-owned enterprises within the HCAP portfolio and for many sectors of the economy in which they are active. In practice, it goes one step further by aiming to integrate Digital Intelligence into industrial, administrative & business operations through small-scale testing or simulation fields and the provision of advanced technical infrastructure and expertise in the areas of Energy & Environment, Supply Chain & Mobility, Culture & Tourism.

Regarding the operation of the DIH, which is planned to implement ​​a ‘smart’ area in the Attica Region by extending the Smart City approach, HCAP undertakes:

  • the representation of its subsidiaries and their networking with the innovation ecosystem at regional, national and European level,
  • participation in the design and pilot implementation of ‘test before invest’ solutions in areas such as the provision of electricity / water / sewerage services, transportation, exhibitions and conferences, food parks, real estate development,
  • training and enhancement of digital skills,
  • provision of consulting services on the sources and ways of attracting investments to the DIH’s beneficiaries.

The CEO of HCAP, Ms. Rania Ekaterinari, stated:

“The participation of HCAP in the initiative for the Digital Innovation Hub of the Attica Region is another important move of extroversion and establishment of wider collaborations with organizations that lead the developments in Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, High Performance Computing, Cybersecurity and as well as in the evolution of the required digital skills in the modern era.

The DIH facilitates the cooperation of the state-owned enterprises that are within the HCAP portfolio with start-ups and business consortia for the conception and implementation of ‘smart’ services for the citizen and the environment. At the same time, it aims to promote HCAP’s state-owned enterprises as key stakeholders in co-created solutions to critical problems, such as the optimal use of natural resources, energy savings, ‘smart’ transport, advanced digital tourism services. In this endeavour, we will not work alone but rather within an ecosystem that will enhance our dynamics and influence in order to move from theory to practice within the new digital era of our country.”