Head of FYROM Liaison Office in Athens optimistic over solution on name issue

The head of the FYROM Liaison Office in Greece, Ambassador Darko Angelov, on Monday expressed his optimism that a viable solution with Greece on the name issue will be reached, while speaking to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

Angelov pointed to a “positive dynamic” within both countries, as well as an external environment “that makes a solution more possible and viable”. While there were also a number of risks that might endanger the process, he added, the two sides were communicating, which had not been the case in previous years.

Angelov’s full statement was as follows:

“We are optimistic [by] definition because for us the solution is a national priority for 26 years. Obviously, our Euro-Atlantic perspective has been caught in the middle of the name issue and of objections as regards our constitutional name. We must be optimistic [by] definition and promote this process forward. It is exactly what we are doing in the recent months; we are trying to put the process forward into finding a solution. We have an intensive dialogue with the Greek government.

“Of course we must be cautious, because if it was a simple issue we would have resolved it a long time ago. It is a pity that it has not been resolved long before. As was confirmed at the presentation of the Bulgarian presidency, we now have the environment that makes the solution more possible and viable than before because the external environment exists, the epicentre is the western Balkans and particularly we have a dynamic which comes from the internal developments in both societies. Of course there are many risks that might endanger the process in the next period. We shall see. The key thing is that we are communicating, which was not only the case in the previous years.”