Head of Supreme Court orders disciplinary inquiry into actions of corruption prosecutor, magistrate

Supreme Court President Vasiliki Thanou on Tuesday ordered the start of a disciplinary inquiry into the actions of resigned corruption prosecutor Eleni Raikou and the magistrate for corruption Iliana Zamanika.

The inquiry is linked to the allegations that Raikou made regarding her decision to resign and Zamanika’s complaint about delays in the forwarding of evidence from the investigation into former minister Yiannos Papaontoniou and the businessman Thomas Liakounakos.

Thanou said the inquiry will examine the entire affair, as revealed by a press report that prompted Raikou’s resignation, including the references to Zamanika and the magistrates’ supervisor Stamatis Daskalopoulos, as well as the corruption prosecutor’s claim that she was being ‘targeted’ over her handling of the Novartis scandal investigation.

Both Daskalopoulos and Zamanika appeared before the relevant bodies in the Supreme Court on Tuesday to present a copy of Zamanika’s report, Thanou said. The claims made by Raikou would be checked in the same way, she added.

In her report to Daskalopoulos on January 31, Zamanika complained that she had not been sent two computers seized during a raid on the home of a key individual in the arms procurements investigation relating to Papantoniou, as well as documents relating to the purchase of NH-90 helicopters from the case file on Liakounakos.

Thanou also noted that Raikou’s term as corruption prosecutor was due to expire on May 11, when the Supreme Judicial Council would have to decide whether to renew her term or replace her.