Health Min Kikilias: We protect public health, we support society

“Whenever we can, we open society so it can ‘come up for air’ until we get to the end of this ordeal, which is a successful vaccination. When things are difficult, and we have poor epidemiological data, we shut things down and protect our fellow citizens,” Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Tuesday, in reply to a question about a possible third wave of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece.

Kikilias made the statements during a visit to Agios Meletios Square in Sepolia, where free rapid tests were being offered.
He stressed that this has been the process followed all through the past months: “We are here to protect public health. On the other hand, you can understand that we are trying to support all other aspects of society, including our children being able to go to school and the survival of the average Greek family struggling to make a living; I am referring here to retail.”

“We know that after 12 months of struggle, people are tired, but we can give them the opportunity to get tested, to be properly informed on the coronavirus, treatment and vaccinations together. It is a complex battle and effort. It does not mean that when we go to the next step, which is vaccination, we can forget the previous ones,” added Kikilias.