Health Min. Plevris: 800 additional Covid beds for Attica

Some 800 additional Covid beds will be provided in Attica, Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced on Friday.

In a radio interview, the minister stated that hospital beds in general, but not ICUs, where coming under pressure from the influx of patients with the Omicron variant.

“We are currently trying to meet the need in Athens. In addition to the large public facilities in Athens, private clinics are offering 10-15% of their beds, which translates into 300-400 extra beds,” he said.

Larger private clinics are providing beds and talks are underway with smaller clinics on contributing staff to support the National Health Service, where there is a small but “manageable” problem of personnel gaps due to illness among nursing staff, he said.

The minister noted that, based on the information he has received, no patient with Omicron has been intubated.

However, of the approximately 650 hospital admissions a day, a 30-40% concerned Delta cases, which he expected could put additional pressure on ICUs.