Health Min: Vaccination, protection and immediate tracking to stop spread of Covid in schools

Vaccination for ages 12-17, observance of protection measures and immediate tracking and tracing when a case is identified are the steps that will be taken in schools to avoid the spread of Covid and which were discussed in a meeting on Wednesday between Health Minister Thanassis Plevris and the Committee of Experts, Plevris said in an interview with ANT1 TV.

“We are cooperating very closely with the Ministry of Education to reduce any spread in the country’s schools to a minimum,” he said and added: “We consulted with all the Paediatric Associations in the presence of the prime minister regarding the vaccination of children. We asked paediatricians to inform parents and they explained to us is that children, while less at risk from coronavirus, are also at risk and are certainly more protected by having the vaccine than by acquiring immunity through disease. Regarding the hospitalisation of children, at the health ministry we have already prepared a plan that includes additional Covid paediatric beds, if and when needed, in the hospitals of the national health system but also in the clinics as we are in consultation with the private sector.”