Health Minister Kikilias: The next days and weeks are crucial

“The next days and weeks are crucial and everyone should show personal and collective responsibility. We must take care of ourselves, our families and especially protect the more vulnerable groups, helping those people that are at risk in this public health crisis,” Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Tuesday during his visit to the University General Hospital of Evros in Alexandroupolis.

Kikilias went to Alexandroupolis to see for himself how the referral hospital has been applying in practice “the plan we ask to be implemented, along with the protocols for the protection of doctors, nurses, healthcare staff and especially the citizens.”.

He expressed his satisfaction and thanked the director of the hospital Vangelis Roufos and all the staff for their huge efforts: “I saw that all the rules are being followed and that how it should be,”
he said.

Kikilias, who will afterwards visit the border post at Kastanies, stated that his visit today was indicative of the “special importance and value of the region of Evros”. It is facing two crises together, he said and offered assurances that “Greece recognises this and the whole county is supporting their efforts”.