Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias: Providing better public health services to all

The Health Ministry’s priorities include prevention, a reduction in private insurance cost, and hiring more personnel for hospitals, Minister Vasilis Kikilias said in parliament on Sunday, speaking during the debate on the new government’s policy platform.

“We will systematically and gradually reduce all waiting lines,” he said, and committed to faster services for more sensitive cases.

In addition, patients will be given the opportunity to evaluate the services they get, and utilize electronic systems to cut back the time between a prescription order and the beginning of therapy. People will also be provided with free preventative tests, a stronger implementation of smoking restriction law, and interventions for obesity in the young.

He also spoke of comprehensive services for the mentally ill, hiring of more nursing staff, and facilities to decongest hospitals.

Calling on everyone in the sector to rally and make public health stronger, he said the government is “determined to shake up things and implement a plan that serves public health and human beings above all.”