Health ministry: 5 pct of Thessaloniki’s Covid-19 ICU beds currently unoccupied

Five percent of ICU beds for Covid-19 in Thessaloniki were currently unoccupied, the health ministry reported on Monday, while 30 pct of Covid ICU beds are unoccupied in Attica and 21 pct throughout the country.

A total of 1,177 ICU beds are operating nationwide, of which 914 are occupied and 263 pct (22 pct) are unoccupied. The non-Covid ICU beds currently number 588, of which 463 are occupied and 125 (21 pct) are not occupied.

The Covid ICU beds in Thessaloniki number 192 in total, of which 182 are occupied, while Attica has 212, of which 148 are occupied.

The total number of hospital beds available throughout the country for treating Covid-19 cases (in ICUs, enhanced care, negative pressure wards, ordinary wards and others) are 5,629, while the patients currently receiving hospital treatment are 3,527.

There are also 170 beds available in military hospitals, of which 119 are occupied.