Health Ministry on the confirmed COVID-19 cases at Aghios Savvas hospital

After three doctors of the second pathology oncological clinic of the Aghios Savvas General Cancer/Oncology Hospital in Athens were found to be infected with Covid-19, a thorough disinfection of all the premises has been carried out and extensive contact tracing among staff, doctors and patients initiated in the specific clinic and the Orthopaedic Clinic, health ministry sources said on Thursday.
According to the same sources, a total of 15 cases were identified among the staff while four patients have also tested positive.

The 15 confirmed cases among the staff with mild or no symptoms will stay at home, while another 25 staff members are also self-isolating as a precaution.

The four patients were sent to the COVID referral hospital Amalia Fleming, while the 2nd Pathology Oncological Clinic has stopped admissions of new patients for a week, with patients transferred to the 1st Clinic.

All patients are continuing their chemotherapy as normal and rapid tests were carried out on all the hospital’s 1,200 members of staff on Thursday morning.