Health tourism in Greece: Conference in New York on October 29-30

Health tourism in Greece and its promising prospects will dominate a two-day conference to be held in New York on October 29-30.

Members of the scientific and business communities will analyze the growth potential of health tourism in Greece, focusing on areas of medicine, including Robotics Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, the IVF, Dentistry and Spa Tourism.

“Medical tourism is an important growth pillar. Greece has great scientific professionals, while the medical services of the health sector are of the highest standard worldwide,” said the president of the Medical Association of Athens and the Department for Medical Tourism of the Institute of Panhellenic Medical Association George Patoulis.

He underlined that medical tourism can attract patients from around the world strengthening the economy and creating new jobs, while growth will affect other sectors of the Greek economy such as tourism. For that reason, he said, “we are about to start a series of acts at global level aiming at creating an international framework for the development of health tourism in Greece.”