Heating oil premieres today – 45% more expensive compared to October 2020

Heating oil premieres today with “fire” prices. According to market participants, it will be sold up to 45% more expensive compared to October 2020 as its selling price will start at 1,13–1,15 euros per liter in Athens from 0,798 euros last year, while in the islands its price liter may not exceed 1,20 euros per liter due to high transport costs.

This means that for an apartment building, the supply of 1.000 liters of heating oil will cost 352 euros more expensive this year.

According to market participants, in the first days of the sale of heating oil, orders will be limited and small up to 500 liters, while most households will leave the supply of oil for later, specifically when the time for granting the heating allowance is approaching, which this year is up 68% compared to last year.