Heavy flooding on the Greek island of Evia – Pictures of destruction [Vid]

Heavy flooding on the Greek island of Evia and especially on the coastal front Agia Anna – Achladi – Kotsikia, caused by last night’s storm that hit the area.

The villages that faced the biggest problems were Kotsikia, Vasilika and Psaropouli, while the beaches of Agia Anna, Achladi and Kotsikia suffered very significant damage,as a consequence of the catastrophic fire of the summer.

The picture with the first light of the day was dramatic. Hundreds of houses were flooded. The coastal front in Achladia has suffered a huge disaster as well in Agia Anna. “After the catastrophic fires, came a catastrophic flood. There is nothing left standing. Agia Anna beach, Achladi beach, they have been destroyed. The rivers entered the houses,” the Mantoudi mayor said on Open TV. “Achladi beach has been turned into a vast river. Road connections in all the villages have been cut,” he said.

“Everything was flooded. In Achladi, Kotsikia, Psaropouli and in Agia Anna are many flooded houses “notes the Deputy Regional Governor George Kelaiditis.

On the road from Ellinika to Agia Anna, there is a risk of floods and traffic has been stopped. Four people were trapped in Agia Anna, while, according to Mantoudi Mayor, Giorgos Tsapourniotis, about 100 people have been rescued from the floods since Saturday night as 200 homes are flooded in the area.