Heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures in northern and central Greece

The extremely low temperatures and the heavy snowfall are still creating huge problems to the transport and the people’s every day life in northern Greece. Snow is falling in Thessaloniki and the thermometre shows -04C. Flights to and from Macedonia airport are currently carried out normally but many flights were cancelled on Tuesday due to heavy snowfall.

Snowchains are mandatory for vehicles moving on the regional roads of central and western Macedonia. The temperatures are extremely low in western Macedonia, -18C early Wednesday in Florina and Ptolemaida and -14C in Grevena.

Heavy snow is currently falling in the central Greek city of Larissa where the thermometre shows -07C and in Lamia where the snow has brought immense problems in the traffic even in the central city roads. Buses are not moving while ambulances and police cars must have snow chains to move in the city roads.

Traffic is prohibited to trucks on the Athens-Thessaloniki motorway.

Meanwhile, the islands of Alonissos and Skopelos are still without electricity and water because the desalination plant can’t operate without electric power. The snow has reached 2.5 metres in several parts of Alonissos while the snow in the town of Skopelos reached 1 metre after Tuesday’s snowstorm.