Hellas Gold awaiting routine permits unrelated to the arbitration process for Skouries

Hellas Gold called on the Greek government on Monday to issue routine permits for the Skouries gold mine site, which it said were unrelated to the pending arbitration process.

In a press release, the subsidiary of Canadian mining company Eldorado Gold said that the company’s obligations in terms of the Skouries permits have been met, therefore there is no legal or contractual reason why they should not be issued.

All basic permits for the project at the site have already been provided, the company said, with the pending permits relating only to secondary issues that affect the progress of work at the Skouries site.

The arbitration process, on the other hand, relates to the metallurgy plant that is scheduled for construction at the Madem Lakkos area, the company added. In order for the plant to go into operation, it must be supplied with concentrates from both the Olympias and Skouries mines.