Hellas Gold submits revised technical impact report to environment ministry

Hellas Gold provided a revised technical report to the government on Thursday that provides more environmentally friendly management of tailings deposits at the Skouries gold mine in Chalkidiki peninsula.

According to a press release by the Eldorado Gold subsidiary, the report was submitted to the environment and energy ministry. The revision “aims at further reducing the environmental impact of the Skouries mines and is in accordance with Hellas Gold’s commitment to use improved available techniques for tailing deposits.”

The improved techniques will reduce environmental repercussions and fully free the basin of the Lotsaniko area, which covers 48,6 hectares, it said.

The Skouries deposits include 3.8 ounces of gold and 776,000 tonnes of copper, which can support a mining industry for over 23 years. The investment for the project’s full development is estimated at 689.2 million US dollars.