Hellas Horse Races in partnership agreement with Phumelela

Hellas Horse Races SA, a member of OPAP Group, announced a partnership agreement with Phumelela, South Africa’s horse races operator and one of the largest horse race betting companies in the world, an agreement paving the way for horse races in Markopoulo to become an international event.

Ian Catchik, chief product officer in OPAP SA and a board member of Hellas Horse Races SA, said the signing of the agreement was a significant day for horse racing as Phumelela is a leader in South Africa in horse race betting. Catchik said “OPAP is proud to offer to Greek customers a remarkable betting product”, confirming the company’s commitment to “offer global class products” and to make the sport more popular in Greece.

He noted that the company intended to create a global class horse race track and underlined the need to develop installations to become an entertainment destination. He stressed that Hellas Horse Races was constantly focusing on quality, integrity and safety.

Hubert Bergmann, chief international sales manager of Phumelela, said the company’s name was synonymous to lack and said that horse races were operating 364 days a year in South Africa. “We want to hep Greek horse races to regain their past glory,” Bergmann said, adding that the next step was to exploit the country’s climate advantages scheduling international race tracks in November, December and January to attract spectators from around the world.