Hellenic American Union to hold conference on reforms in Greece on October 20-22

More than 40 distinguished speakers will discuss with each other and with the public the issue of reforms, in a conference organized by the Hellenic American Union on Oct. 20-22 in Athens.

Reform, as a demand for the full adjustment to the demands of modernity and integration into the modern world, has been one of the main driving forces of Modern Greek history.

“There is an effort to start a dialog with that part of the public that wants reforms,” the organizers said in a press conference on Wednesday. And it is precisely about this Reform that the organizers of the conference titled “The Quest for Reform during the Recent History of Modern Greece”, wish to open a dialog along seven lines of inquiry: International environment-International standards, State-political institutions, Political ideology vs. political action, the role of society, Economy, Intellectual endeavours and Locality and urban environment.

Bank of Greece Governor Yannis Stournaras will address the event on Friday.

The conference is organized on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Hellenic American Union in cooperation with the Hellenic American College (HAEC) and with ten publishing houses headquartered or active in the district of Neapolis: Hestia Publishers, Metaichmio Publications, Agra Publications, Papadopoulos Publishing, Patakis Publishers, Gutenberg Scientific Books G. Dardanos, Nefeli Publishing, Melissa Publishing House, Kastaniotis Editions and Melani Editions.