Hellenic Bank Association: Greek banking system supports growth initiatives

Greek banks have the necessary liquidity to support development initiatives in the country, coming from healthy and viable enterprises and supported with a variety of products (for large enterprises), Hellenic Bank Association said in a survey on the operation of the Greek banking system.

The survey said that in the last two months of 2016, net loan flows to enterprises grew slightly for the first time in the last five years, after a negative 3.8 pct monthly net loan float rate recorded in the period from January 2011 to October 2016. This trend has now been reversed.

Greek banks’ efforts to contribute in the development of the economy are promoted both through their autonomous action and through a series of partnerships and synergies with a variety of agencies and services.

Greek banks offer, among others, offer moving capital, fixed capital, factoring and leasing services, guarantee offer, special support to export enterprises, credit, letters of guarantee, farm contract loans, commercial property loans and co-funded loans for manufacturing, commerce, services and tourism. They also fund, alone or in joint ventures with other banks, large infrastructure projects, such as road networks, large private and public projects, shipping, tourism, hotels and tourism infrastructure, energy, health, telecommunications, construction and new technologies.

Bank has also offered small- and medium-sized enterprises their know-how and expertise offering funding and every available support to their projects.

Also, in the framework of implementing a new Investment Law, Greek banks are contributing in promoting investment plans sought to be included in the law, offering funding and every other necessary support to enterprises, both on central and regional level. However, as in the case of EU-funded programs, Greek authorities have not yet adopted a series of proposals submitted by Hellenic Bank Association allowing banks to participate in all stages of implementing the law (evaluation, monitoring of investments, control and financial support disbursement).

Banks also fund joint projects between public and private sector companies, supporting the Greek state, public-owned enterprises and municipal authorities.

Greek banks has also established a long-time cooperation with ETEAN -a Greek investment fund- and the European
Investment Fund (EIF), promoting funding and guarantee products and tools such as: Entrepreneurship Fund Restart (TEPIX), Island Entrepreneurship, Jeremie, COSME, Horizon 2020.

Greek banks also cooperated with the European Investment Bank and have signed the first contracts worth 400 million euro in the framework of a credit line by EIB “Loans for SMEs” worth 1.0 billion euros.

Greek banks also secured 330 million euros to fund strategic investments of high economic and social added value projects included in the framework of an Investment Fund for Europe, known as Juncker Plan.