Hellenic League for Human Rights: We call on our country’s to stop returns or extraditions to Turkey

The Hellenic League for Human Rights (HLHR), Greece’s oldest human rights organization, called on the country’s administrative and judicial authorities to stop returning or extraditing people back to Turkey, citing its crackdown on dissidents after the failed attempted coup last July.

“The ever-worsening state of affairs in Turkey should be taken into account by the asylum screening and issuing bodies in Greece. The concept of a ‘safe country’, which is a legal prerequisite for the return of people to Turkey, is impossible to stand on an institutional ground that no longer offers any guarantee for the protection of anyone’s fundamental rights,” the NGO said.

“We call on our country’s competent administrative and judicial bodies to stop returns (or extraditions) to Turkey, as those people are exposed to the full endangerment of their fundamental rights. Otherwise the Greek legal system will become part of the connected vessels of extreme lawlessness,” it added.