Hellenic Petroleum Renewables begins operation of three new photovoltaic parks

Hellenic Petroleum Renewables has launched the pilot operation of three new photovoltaic energy parks with a total capacity of 8.6 MW in Thessaloniki, Kavala and Aspropyrgos, earlier than originally scheduled.

The projects were approved by a pilot tender organised by the energy authority in December 2016. The photovoltaic park in Thessaloniki has a capacity of 4 MW, that in Kavala of 1.0 MW and that in Aspropyrgos 3.6 MW.

The company’s business plan for the period 2017-2021 envisaged the connection of the photovoltaic parks with the country’s energy grid in 18 months for the Kavala project and 24 months for the Thessaloniki and Aspropyrgos projects. Hellenic Petroleum Renewables currently has around 20 MW of photovoltaic and windpower parks in operation and plans to develop other projects with a total power of 200 MW.