Hellenic Post launches loyalty programme rewarding regular customers

Hellenic Post (ELTA) announced a rewards policy for regular customers with discounts of up to 55 pct as part of their new commercial and pricing policy.

This involves a series of major changes to the postal service that will benefit its customers, beginning on March 3, 2020, with the introduction of innovative products, a simplifying of the pricing process and upgraded services. According to the company, the new ELTA pricing policy was designed to meet the needs of postal market customers in a simpler and easier way than ever before.

The main advantages of the new pricing policy include:

– A new loyalty discount system, with loyalty discounts of up to 55 pct.

– Following international practice, Home Priority B will become the new main way of sending mail.

– Upgrading of 1st Priority with additional features.

– Upgraded traceable mail for even ordinary letters and parcels.

– Common weight categories in the letter service, both domestically and abroad.

– Support for e-commerce, with the establishment of a single pricing zone for shipments abroad.

– Simpler pricing process for Promotional Mailers.

– Complex procedures are abolished.

– The simple domestic parcel remains one of the most economical and reliable shipping solutions within the country, with single pricing for all domestic destinations, and new prepaid packages for these parcels are being introduced.

By implementing their new commercial and pricing policy on March 3, ELTA aims to improve the quality of its services by consistently providing the most competitive prices on the market for modern and flexible products.

It is noted that this is the first tariff change implemented by ELTA since 2013, and after its implementation ELTA services will remain the most economical and reliable on the market.