Hellenic Post seeks recovery through new activities

Hellenic Post has managed cut spending by 21 million euros in 2016, to complete the automation programme of all its branches around the country and to install POS to facilitate transactions, Froso Stavraki, chairman of Hellenic Post said on Friday.

Addressing a 34th Panhellenic Congress of Hellenic Post workers, Stavraki said Hellenic Post will move more aggressively in the energy sector (it already has some 3,000 customers), parcels and e-commerce (turnover is up 19 pct from 2016) and noted that a joint agreement reached with workers was the most significant development and opportunity for the organisation.

Yiannis Zaroliagkis, Hellenic Post’s CEO, said revenue from customs services will exceed targets in the 2017-2018 period, but underlined that the organisation was facing challenges from a significant decline in post services.