Hellenic Seaways elects new board

Hellenic Seaways elected a new board after the main shareholder requested an extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting of the company.

Minoan Lines, owner of a 48.53 pct equity stake in Hellenic Seaways requested the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting and the election of a new board of council.

The new board consists of: Antonis Agapitos, Stavros Aggelidakis Mihail Vavourakis, Georgios Vasilokonstantakis, Takis Kliridis, Constantinos Klironomos Ioannis Kores, Constantinos Loizidis, Georgios Papaioannou, Mihail Sarlis and Elias Trigas.

Shareholders showed their confidence to the existing members of the board and approved the addition of two new members, Mihail Vavourakis and Elias Trigas.