Hellenic Statistical Authority: Building materials’ prices up in July

Building materials’ prices grew 1.5 pct in July, compared with the same month last year, reflecting a big increase in diesel oil prices, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Tuesday.

More specifically, diesel oil prices grew 17.3 pct, iron rose 8.0 pct, steel pipe prices were up 4.0 pct, bath tabs were up 1.5 pct, heating radiators rose 1.3 pct, brick prices rose 1.1 pct, parquet prices were up 0.9 pct, tiles rose 0.8 pct and cement prices were up 0.6 pct. On the other hand, prices fell 2.1 pct in electricity, 1.8 pct in marble dust and 0.7 pct in aluminium doors.

The statistics service said the building materials price index was down 0.1 pct in July 2017. The index rose 0.1 pct in July from June 2018, after a 0.1 pct increase recorded in the same period last year.