Hellenic Statistical Authority: Greek inflation rate rose to 1.2 pct in January

Greek inflation rate rose to 1.2 pct in January, returning to positive growth rates after 45 months of decline and a zero change recorded in December 2016, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Wednesday.

The statistics service, in a report, said that the consumer price index grew reflecting an increase in prices of food, alcohol, housing, transport, communications and restaurants.

The consumer price index grew 1.2 pct in January after a zero change in December 2016 and a decline of 0.7 pct in January 2016.

This development reflected increases of 1.1 pct in food/beverage prices, 2.5 pct in alcohol/tobacco, 3.6 pct in housing, 4.6 pct in transport, 2.1 pct in communications and 1.4 pct in hotel/restaurants. Prices fell by 3.1 pct in clothing/footwear, 2.4 pct in durable goods, 0.1 pct in health, 1.4 pct in entertainment, 0.3 pct in education and 1.5 pct in other goods and services.

The consumer price composite index fell 0.8 pct in January from December 2016, after an 1.9 pct decline recorded in the same period last year.

Greece’s harmonized inflation rate grew 1.5 pct in January, after a 0.3 pct increase in December 2016 and a decline of 0.1 pct in January 2016.