Biden: History has shown that defending Europe’s interests helps America’s interests

“The cooperation between Greece and the USA is important, as it was 70 years ago when Truman made his doctrine,” former US Vice President Joe Biden said in his speech at the European Conference of “CONCORDIA”, held in Athens.

Biden praised the role of the European Union and the participation of Greece and expressed his pleasure for visiting our country.

“It is an honour for me to be here,” Biden said.

The former US Vice President stressed that “strong Greece is connected with a strong Europe”, adding that a strong Europe is necessary for America as Truman had envisioned and implemented in 1947 with his doctrine.

“What Truman said in 1947 is still valid today,” said Biden, also stressing that “free citizens of the world expect us to support peace in the world.”

“Truman,” added Biden, “said we need a strong Greece because this helps Greece’s cooperation with the US. And that is true today.”

He underlined that both he and President Obama have worked hard to convince Europe to help Greece in the economic crisis and underlined that he is in favour of Greece’s economic recovery and this calls for a debt write-off.

Moreover, Biden referred to the terrorism that plagues the world and Europe and thanked the Greeks who received “a lot of of refugees” in their country.

Concluding, the former US Vice President reiterated that “history has shown that defending Europe’s interests helps America’s interests.”