Hospital doctors announce four-hour work stoppage on Wednesday

The Hellenic Federation of Hospital Doctor Unions (OENGE) on Tuesday announced a four-hour work stoppage by hospital doctors throughout the country between 11:00 and 15:00 on Wednesday, as well as a protest rally outside the health ministry at noon the same day.

The union federation said doctors are protesting against the firing of colleagues and the ministry’s proposals for reorganising their work schedules. They also object to a European directive that they described as “reactionary” on the grounds that it makes working hours entirely flexible and disrupts their lives.

OENGE is pressing for a new sector agreement that reflects contemporary needs and the abolition of flexible employment, as well as the large-scale hiring of full-time staff. Their demands include a stable daily work schedule, a six-hour day and a five-day working week of 30 total hours plus one night shift followed by a day off. They also demand sufficient rest when they are on night duty and a return of doctors’ wage scales to pre-crisis levels.