Housing units replace tents in Moria after series of deaths

The tents at the northern and western side of the refugee camp in Moria were taken down and tons of piling garbage was removed to make way a few hours after the fifth death was recorded by authorities in the center.

Three refugees died in the last few days, possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning, while a grandmother with her grandchild were burned in their tent last November, sparking an outcry over the dismal living conditions in the camp.

Crews of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) constructed modern Danish “life shelters” – that is heated constructions – which are set up at an area where the ground is uneven and only tents could be used until now. It is the same part of the camp which was snowed in during the recent cold spell that hit Greece. These shelters will house single males.

At the western sloping side of the camp, authorities will build two-storied bungalows, according to the director of the First Reception Service, Anthi Karageli, who came to Moria on Monday.

“In four weeks from now, at the end of February, the camp of Moria will be as it should be,” she said.

At the same time, another 50, mainly African, migrants were transferred to the navy ship “Lesvos’ which has anchored at the port to house people from Moria. “Our aim is, by the end of the week, to not have any male migrants living in tents,” she added.